In Loving Memory of Jean Craighead George

Good Evening Beardies, It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I bring you news of yet another literary loss. {2 July 1919 – 15 May 2012} Jean Craighead George, author of such novels as My Side of the Mountain, On the Far Side of the Mountain, and Julie of the Wolves, died […]

Author Spotlight: Court Ellyn (complete with interview)

Welcome back Beardies, (I hope you don’t mind the new, catchy title I’ve decided to give to all you readers) Tonight I have a special treat to share with all of you: another Author Spotlight, complete with an included Interview! I hope it is as much of a treat for you to read as it […]

Introduction Part II: How I Was Introduced to Fantasy

Hello Again Everyone! Although I have already introduced myself, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you about how I was introduced to the Fantasy genre and a little more about my writing background and education.  This Introduction will serve as a prequel to my next post and my first Author Spotlight on this […]