Author Spotlight: M. P. Ness (Complete with Interview)

Welcome back, Beardies! Earlier, I had the privilege to bring you a Book Spotlight on E.L.F Volume 1: White Leaves. Now, as part of the same blog tour, I’m excited to bring you the virtual chat I had with Mr. Ness. deviantArt / Facebook / Goodreads / Twitter Bio:Born in the Midwest, I share my […]

Author Spotlight: Megan Curd (Complete with Interview)

Greetings, Beardies! A few weeks ago, I was having a movie night at home with my friend Anna, and the conversation (as it inevitably does when the two of us are together) turned to books.  Anna is the proprietress of Diamonds and Coal Book Reviews, and she had recently accepted an invitation to host Megan […]

Author Spotlight: Rachel O’Laughlin (Complete with Interview)

Bonjour Beardies, Yesterday, as part of our Blog Tour for Coldness of Marek, Elizabeth presented us with a wonderful Book Spotlight of this debut novel.  Today, I’m very excited to tell you a bit more about the author, Rachel O’Laughlin. Follow Rachel: Bio:Obsessed with all things history, Rachel O’Laughlin grew up writing adventure stories and only […]

Author Spotlight: Hugh Howey (Complete with Interview)

Afternoon, Beardies! I stumbled upon a tweet from author Hugh Howey the other day, linking an amazingly heart-wrenching article written by his sister.  After reading, I promptly retweeted it, stating that we need more Mollie Howeys in this world.  I never expected to get a reply tweet from Hugh, who told me Mollie would love […]

Author Spotlight: Brian Rathbone (Complete with Interview)

Bonjour Beardies, A while back (not too far, however), I did a Book Spotlight on Brian Rathbone’s Call of the Herald.  The Spotlight was long overdue—too long, really, considering it was nearly a year from when I first put out the feelers for willing victims to interview. I never forgot about Brian.  I promised him […]

Author Spotlight: Lana Krumwiede

Happy New Year, Beardies, and welcome back! December was a long and crazy haul, but whatever holidays you celebrated, I hope they were happy and blessed! After drowning in work and deadlines for so long, it was amazing for me to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my family. I’m back to work now, though, […]

Author Spotlight: Michael Scott (Complete with Interview)

Good Evening Beardies 🙂 Many of you have probably began to wonder if my interview with Michael Scott was ever going to appear.  Some of you have even contacted me in query.  But fear not; the wait is over! Organizing the contest, as well as seriously contemplating what questions to ask Michael, have both been […]

Author Spotlight: Cidney Swanson (Complete with Interview)

Hello Beardies, A few weeks ago, Elizabeth emailed me with the name of an author whom she knew through her work at the library.  Without knowing it, Elizabeth had already corresponded with the author to see if she would be open to an interview for the blog… to which the author graciously agreed. In conjunction […]

Author Spotlight: Jeremy Laszlo (complete with interview)

Good Evening Beardies,  A few weeks ago I posted on Twitter that I was looking for Speculative Fiction Authors to interview for the blog and received a reply from tonight’s Author Spotlight: Jeremy Laszlo.  Of course, once the reply was received, I did a bit of research and discovered that Jeremy was a self-published fantasy […]