About Us

 Our History

Since its humble beginnings as a blog about one writer’s journey to get his manuscript published, and its transformation to a review and feature blog with the addition of an assistant editor and several other contributors, The Bearded Scribe has always had a common thread fastening together its many facets and alterations: Speculative Fiction.

Though the blog grew, its focus always remained writer-oriented, especially its Book Spotlights—the blog’s specialized version of a book review developed by its Assistant Editor, Elizabeth J. Norton—which focused on true literary elements (such as world building) from which a budding writer could learn.

With the addition of its editing, coaching, and design services, transforming it once more to a small, Speculative Fiction press only made sense to Founder and Executive Editor, Joshua Allen Mercier.



Our Mission

Discovering Tomorrow’s Top Speculative Fiction Authors Today

The Bearded Scribe Press, LLC is an independent publisher of quality Speculative Fiction. We aim to become a platform for emerging writers to get discovered by the mainstream and inversely, through becoming a staple in the literary community, becoming the source for readers to discover emerging talent in the Speculative Fiction realm.


Our Logo

When searching for an artist to transform his logo concept into reality, Joshua Allen Mercier had to look no further than the talented Luke Spooner. A short description of the design lent itself to Luke nailing the artwork in one try.

  • The Wyverns

With a name like The Bearded Scribe, one would probably expect some bearded bloke with a quill as the logo—not wyverns. Wyverns mean a great deal, symbolically, to The Bearded Scribe’s focus on Speculative Fiction. Its two legs allow it to stand resolutely in the realm of reality, while its wings allow the creature to take flight into the realm of fantasy.

  • The Quill & Sword

While there is is no sign of a bearded bloke in the logo, there is a quill—offset by its counterpart, the sword. We’re a strong believer of the famous adage of one being stronger than the other. We’ll let you guess which one.

  • The Motto

Don’t you hate it when companies write in dead languages? Yeah, we do, too!

Reserans Mens et Mundo Cum Verbum Scriptum means “Opening Minds and Worlds with the Written Word.”

We believe that by opening a book, you open the mind. Seek knowledge and never stop questioning.