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My name is Joshua Allen Mercier, and I am the Bearded Scribe!  I am a 30-year-old, aspiring Fantasy Writer… and although I am not yet published, I am hoping to change that soon.  I just finished my first manuscript this past September. Titled The Son of Drynntorm, it is the first of an intense set of (at least) five books, in various stages of planning and writing, that introduces a multi-generational blood feud for control of the Garnet Throne of Aesiranyn.  The highly-fantastical world in which it takes place includes map sketches, two languages (with glossaries and guides), and several different races of majickal beings that are both creative and fresh. Since September, I have been working on Book Two of the series, as well as submerging myself in a new, Urban Fantasy project.  I have submitted my Query Letters and Manuscript to prospective Agents.  *Fingers Crossed*  Here’s hoping!

Aside from my love of writing and everything fantasy, I have long time love affair with music of all types.  I also enjoy traveling, cooking, and spending time with my family.  I currently live in the Metro Atlanta area with the love of my life, Jeremiah, and our two chihuahuas, Bailey & Chanel (pictured below).


I have been pondering whether or not to start a blog for quite some time now, and after careful contemplation and tossing around a variety of topics and themes for the past few months, I think I have finally carved out my niche in this vast assortment of blogs.  As a writer and a self-proclaimed Fantasy geek, I have often sought out resources on the Internet for both of these passions, each result usually falling short.  It wasn’t that the resources weren’t there– because they are — it was the fact that the information I was trying to locate was so far apart, so unconnected, and so strewn about the vastness that is the World Wide Web that it was difficult to keep track with the numerous websites.  Blogs are wonderful for providing a compendium of like-minded knowledge and resources — however expansive or honed the topic or theme might be — and that is the very motivation for me starting The Bearded Scribe.

It is my intention, over the span of my blog, to compile as much information and as many resources as possible that have to do with everything Speculative Fiction.  With that said, one part of this blog will cover such topics as (but not limited to): upcoming releases of books, television shows, and movies (and eventually their reviews), publisher press releases, and upcoming events {book signings, Dragon*Con, ComicCon}.  The other part of this blog will be dedicated entirely to the craft of writing said genres, and will cover such topics as (but again not limited to): writing tips & techniques, writer resources, world building, character creation, language creation, and publishing tips.  Along the way, as the blog [hopefully] grows, I also intend to include posts that spotlight Authors (published and up and coming), Agents, and with any luck, Actors & Actresses within the wide Realm of Fantasy.

I am truly excited about this endeavor, especially getting to know my readers/followers and fellow fans of Fantasy.  I encourage reader feedback and participation, whether that be comments, suggestions, disagreements, or criticisms.  With each of the afore-mentioned, I hope to foster an atmosphere for growth that will benefit the blog and its followers.  Whereas I welcome all feedback, please note that any comment that is highly disrespectful or negative in nature will be deleted immediately.  The feedback doesn’t always have to be positive, but the method of delivery does.

Best to All,

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